The Tribeless West (An Overview)

Non-Fiction (Political Philosophy, Social Philosophy)

White people are the kindest, most generous race on earth, except with each other. We are also the most hated race on earth, primarily by ourselves.

Only we berate our forebears and disregard our descendants. We seek diversity and equality at our collective expense, embracing other races while excluding our own. We welcome our racial decline, even our racial suicide, as no other race does. Collectively and thus individually, we have lost our instinct to survive.

Examining how we came to this extraordinary situation and its implications is my collection of eleven non-fiction books titled The West, comprising four series of two or three books each. The Tribeless West collates into a single volume the principal ideas from the second series, Identity:

  1. People’s Identity: Race and Racism
  2. Of Whom We’re Born: Race and Family
  3. Biological Us: Gender and Sexuality