Mahmood and Mrs Wynworth

Fiction (Political, Thriller)

A politician proves her support for refugees by inviting them into her home. One comes.

Recently elected to federal parliament, Carole Wynworth demands the Australian government welcome Rohingya refugees from Burma (Myanmar) who have fled to Bangladesh. When a terrorist bombs a ferry on Sydney Harbour, she publicly welcomes anybody wanting to come to Australia, offering to take asylum seekers into her Upper North Shore home.

Responding to her invitation is charming Mahmood from a refugee family long settled in Australia, who Carole helps by securing an extension to his Jordanian girlfriend’s visa. Carole involves Sydney Morning Herald journalist Xavier Talbot in her plan to promote Mahmood to those Australians opposed to the country accepting increasing numbers of Muslim refugees. With police still seeking a third person apparently involved in the ferry bombing, Carole persists with her plan even after police investigations suggest Mahmood has lied to her.