2021 election brochure

My brochure from the 2021 local government elections included the text below.


We want Ku-ring-gai Council to:

  • preserve Gordon Bowling Club and other recreational land in public use
  • keep Gordon Golf Course in public use beyond the current agreement
  • revive Marian Street Theatre, Killara
  • maintain 4 public libraries, plus library home services
  • prefer Ku-ring-gai residents in new staff hiring, all else being equal
  • prefer Ku-ring-gai suppliers, all else being equal
  • prefer Australian-made supplies, all else being equal
  • focus upon repairs and maintenance of existing roads, paths, and parks
  • continue expanding recycling options in waste collection
  • after resident addresses to council, allow time for questions and comment
  • within 1 week after resident addresses to council, provide staff responses

The Culture of Council

  • Councillors should always be courteous.
  • If elected, Simon Lennon will reach out to every councillor across Ku-ring-gai, seeking good relationships across council.
  • Council ought to be the Council of the Ten: all 10 ward councillors including the mayor acting as a collegial body of municipal leaders.
  • Each pair of ward councillors should consult on ward-specific issues, ideally presenting a common view to other councillors.
  • Community groups should be briefed on significant proposals,
    with opportunities to meet with senior council staff.
  • Civic receptions can bring together community groups and civic leaders with councillors and senior council staff, developing relationships.
  • Policies, not personalities, matter.

Curbing Development

We want Ku-ring-gai Council to:

  • preserve fine old homes
  • preserve the character of Ku-ring-gai homes, streets, and spaces
  • minimise new building heights, ideally to a maximum of 4 storeys
  • strive to minimise the requirements for high density housing that state governments impose, without exceeding them
  • separate its interests as property owner from decisions as regulator
  • not cater to developer demands at residents’ expense
  • provide clarity, certainty, and openness in planning and tender requirements
  • consider measures for beauty and architectural style, such as brick or stone in place of glass, steel, or concrete façades

To save Ku-ring-gai and the rest of Sydney from choking, Ku-ring-gai needs to:

  • co-operate with like-minded people, bodies, and councils across Sydney
  • engage with state and federal politicians to limit new housing demands

We oppose:

  • rezoning public recreational land to residential use, because people need ground nearby, children need places to play
  • sales of public land or other assets to fund ordinary council operations
  • demolishing council-bought homes on Dumaresq Street, Gordon except for a park
  • council acting as property developer or taking development risk
  • the race to the sky in developments across Sydney, because squeezing more and more people into a city ruins the city for everyone
  • forced amalgamation of Ku-ring-gai with any other local government area