People’s Identity

Race and Racism

Non-fiction (Race Relations, Ethnic Studies)

A book in the collection: The West

A book in the series: Identity

What is racism? Racism is white people thinking or feeling about our race the way that people of other races think and feel about theirs.

Race is and will remain the primary human identity. Most races enjoy the loyalties and support of their own, but not white people. We have uniquely become prejudiced against our own.

Carrying the white man and woman’s burden, we help other races at the expense of our poor and vulnerable and at the expense of our futures, while absolving other races of responsibility for their lives and histories. We’ve never felt more morally superior than we’ve come to feel by rejecting our race we think we don’t need.

If we examined the past and present honestly, we’d see ourselves as other races see themselves. We’d honour our forebears, help our poor and vulnerable, and safeguard our futures.



  1. Racism
  2. White Man’s Burden
  3. Other Races
  4. Communities
  5. Jewish Identity
  6. Jewish Themes
  7. German Identity
  8. Imperial Turkey
  9. Imperial Japan
  10. Imperial China
  11. Black Identity
  12. The Politicisation of History
  13. White Racial Guilt
  14. Other Races’ Innocence
  15. White People’s Heroes and Heroines
  16. White Identity
  17. The Rule of Words
  18. The Serious Matter of Humour
  19. Acceptable and Unacceptable Abuse
  20. Whites-Only Racism
  21. The Presumption of White People’s Racism
  22. Reverse Racism
  23. A Gentle Touch of Racism