Of Whom We’re Born

Race and Family

Non-fiction (Demography, Discrimination)

A book in the collection: The West

A book in the series: Identity

Race isn’t a social or political construct. The end of race is.

The West’s rejection of race since 1945 is a rejection of biological relationships between people: connectedness. It leaves us solitary individuals, in the most divided race on earth.

People being naturally tribal, white people developed post-racial identities we think unite us with other races, but they only divide us from our own. We’ve become the first culture in history to dismiss our elderly. We reject our young. We’re divided by work, wealth, and values, age and gender, citizenship and geography.

We need something to distinguish whatever we are from whatever we’re not. Be they families, clans, tribes, or races, biological relationships are natural, substantive, and desirable. When we love, we discriminate.



  1. The Politicisation of Science
  2. Eugenics
  3. Selective Genetics
  4. Racial Difference
  5. Institutional White Racism
  6. Ideologically Acceptable Generalisations
  7. Speciesism
  8. Humanising Animals
  9. Racial Natures
  10. Discrimination
  11. Tribes without Race
  12. Dismissing Our Elderly
  13. Rejecting Our Young
  14. Ancestry
  15. Family
  16. Our Children
  17. Other People’s Children
  18. Other People’s Futures
  19. Relationship and Marriage
  20. Racial Suicide
  21. Self-Respect
  22. Hitler’s Wrath