Biological Us

Gender and Sexuality

Non-fiction (Gender, Sexuality)

A book in the collection: The West

A book in the series: Identity

For all our talk of nature, the West has lost sight that we’re biological beings with instincts to survive and procreate. Traditional moralities arose naturally within communities of people caring for each other, but the West’s ever-widening rejection of those moralities is our indifference to others: our individualism.

Gender theory (or ideology) is illogical, contradictory, and harmful. To call physical differences between people merely social constructions is to demand we live as if we’re each born alone on an island without knowledge of anyone else. Conversely, transgenderism and innate homosexuality are political constructs. Never mind who, we don’t know what we are.

Lives grounded in biological reality and human nature are more comfortable and fulfilling. They’re also sustainable.



  1. The Science of People
  2. Gender Identity
  3. Sexism
  4. The End of Certainty
  5. Birth Control
  6. Lovers without Love
  7. Transgender Ideology
  8. Free Market Mental Health
  9. Promoting Transgender
  10. Biological Self-Loathing
  11. Losing our Sexuality
  12. Homosexual Ideology
  13. Promoting Homosexuality
  14. Sexual Identity
  15. Sexual Contraception
  16. Homosexual Despair
  17. The End of Sexual Morality
  18. Communities without Community
  19. Enforcing Diversity
  20. Commercial Interests
  21. Homosexual Imperialism
  22. A Right to Die