Christendom Lost

Non-fiction (Christianity, Theology)

A book in the collection: The West

A book in the series: Cultures

Centuries ago, Martin Luther took to task a Church that abandoned Scripture in favour of selling indulgences. Today, he could challenge Western churches that abandon Christianity for multiculturalism, tolerance, and diversity. We offer people no reason to be Christian.

Multiculturalism requires atheism because religions are contradictory; treating them equally requires rejecting them all. Sport is now the opiate of the West, in Karl Marx’s words about religion. Environmentalism is the new religion for a globalist West craving structure, purpose, and eternity.

Saving Western Christianity requires the faithful to see us as peoples again, as the Bible does, rather than individuals or citizens of the world. Other races, whatever their religion, fill places of worship because they retain their collective identities. We need again to sense our Christian corpus: Christendom. Christ commanded Christian nationalism.



  1. God and Country
  2. Collective Guilt
  3. Feeling Unforgiven
  4. Discrimination
  5. Postmodern Christianity
  6. Multicultural Christianity
  7. God and Jesus
  8. White Christian Burden
  9. Belonging
  10. Other People’s Churches
  11. Church and State
  12. Economic Religion
  13. Religion for Sale
  14. Sport
  15. Other People’s Festivals
  16. The Religion that Hides
  17. Our Lands of Other Faiths
  18. Holy Mothers
  19. Environmentalism
  20. Voluntary Human Extinction
  21. The End of Christendom
  22. Saving Christendom