Reclaiming Western Cultures

Non-fiction (Cultural Policy, Christianity)

A book in the collection: The West

A book in the series: Cultures

If the West believes in a multicultural world and that all races and cultures are equal, we’ll do what other races do. We’ll reclaim our cultures.

We’ll adopt a nationalistic multiculturalism like that outside the West, in the few countries there allowing multiculturalism. We’ll respect other races retaining their cultures but assert the primacy of our cultures in our countries.

For centuries, Christianity underpinned Western sciences, arts, and the rest of our cultures, including the Renaissance and Enlightenment, without everyone sharing the faith. We don’t need to be religious to want to live in a Christian West, safeguarding our rights to choose what we think and do.

Only the postmodern West separates religion from culture and them both from race. That is, unless we’re worrying about cultural appropriation. People of other races taking up our cultures should delight us.



  1. Diasporas
  2. Christmas Day, 1914
  3. Eternity
  4. Religion by Race
  5. Enlightenment
  6. Vanishing Us
  7. Multiculturalism
  8. The Religion of Europe
  9. Perspectives
  10. Cultureless Individualism
  11. Owning Culture
  12. Who We Are
  13. Art
  14. Architecture and Design
  15. Homes and Houses
  16. Music
  17. Prose and Poetry
  18. Films
  19. Television
  20. Cultural Revisionism
  21. Haute Couture