Aiding Islam

Non-fiction (Islam, Terrorism)

A book in the collection: The West

A book in the series: Cultures

Understanding the West today requires recognising the extraordinary indifference and animosity white people feel towards their race and cultures. Shaken by two world wars and scarred by the Holocaust, we prefer other races and their cultures.

The West refuses to fear those other races and cultures, whatever they do. Instead, we fear white people slipping back into prejudice. We’re locked into a mindset of 1945.

We have to move on: to learn from the past but not remain there; to confront the reality of the present and the future. An inevitable consequence of multiculturalism is the West’s submission to self-confident, collective peoples. The most self-certain religion on earth is Islam.



  1. The Age of Ideology
  2. The Unfinished War
  3. Multiculturalism at War
  4. September Eleven, 2001
  5. Losing their Religion
  6. Staving off Prejudice
  7. Abandoning the Vulnerable
  8. Western Individualism
  9. The Peace of Nations
  10. Muslim Nationalism
  11. Solidarity
  12. Other Peoples’ Rights
  13. Freedom from Speech
  14. Integration
  15. Race
  16. Religion
  17. Defending Multiculturalism
  18. Wartime Propaganda
  19. Christians
  20. Islamic Land
  21. Our Lands of Other People
  22. Eurabia
  23. Redefining our Fallen