The End of Natural Selection

Non-fiction (Demography, Workplace Culture)

A book in the collection: The West

A book in the series: Individualism

Natural selection is over. What the author calls unnatural selection is human beings picking who’ll prosper (materially, at any rate) and who else will procreate, when we do so with our natures corrupted, desires unnatural, and instincts denied. Western individualism is unnatural.

The author, a corporate lawyer, draws upon his and other people’s experiences to illustrate that, without senses of community and nation, Western employer demands for employees completely committed to work means we either neglect our families or dispense with them altogether. If we really believed in diversity, we’d facilitate motherhood and fatherhood among our executives and rising employees.



  1. Unnatural Selection
  2. Relationship and Parenthood
  3. Physical Features
  4. The End of Excellence
  5. The Corporation as a Cult
  6. The Corporation as Words
  7. The Corporation as a Police State
  8. Corporate Totalitarianism
  9. Corporate Dictatorship
  10. The Corporation as an Asylum
  11. Total Commitment to Work
  12. Economy without Empathy
  13. Parenthood by Stealth
  14. Managing Expectations
  15. Truth and Lies
  16. Childless Diversity
  17. Fertility Ghettoes
  18. The Success of Solitary People
  19. Stress
  20. Sustainability
  21. Infanticide
  22. Management with a Human Face