A Land to Belong


Non-fiction (Immigration)

A book in the collection: The West

A book in the series: Nationalism

Nationalism is community: compatriots caring for each other. Nation states are in people’s individual and collective interests.

If the West really believed all races are the same, we would see in ourselves what we respect in others: our yearning for a collective connection to country. We would only accept immigrants from countries accepting the same immigrants from us: bilateral immigration.

We would do what countries outside the West do. Aside perhaps from a few specific categories of resident applicant or noteworthy individuals, we would not offer foreigners citizenship. Homes for everyone are homes for no one.

Generous as we are, we might grant our friends refuge if we must, but only refuge and only for as long as they need it. There will never be solutions to other countries’ problems while we admit the people who could solve them.



  1. The Need for Country
  2. A European Home
  3. Race and Country
  4. The Zionist Paradox
  5. The Rest of the World
  6. Democracy
  7. Boundaries
  8. Our Age of Isolation
  9. The Costs of Diversity
  10. Immigration and Inequality
  11. Individualism and Immigration
  12. Refugees and Our Noblesse Oblige
  13. An Ideology Called Compassion
  14. Unskilled Immigration
  15. The Death of Discussion
  16. Nationality without Nationalism
  17. The End of Country
  18. The End of Liberalism
  19. Other People’s Empires
  20. Treason
  21. Dispossession