The Need for Nations

Non-fiction (Political Economics, Finance)

A book in the collection: The West

A book in the series: Individualism

Without nations to build, the West builds economies, but rather than creating wealth, we often just move it around. More and more jobs have become manifestly about money, but it’s money for the moment and each of us alone.

The author’s experiences through his corporate legal career reveal Western economies to be increasingly mirages. Without nationalism, the West is selling our countries and other inheritances to fund imports of products we don’t need from countries that still manufacture: where people’s work is real and productive. Eventually, we will run out of countries to sell.



  1. Economies
  2. Economic Nationalism
  3. The End of Quality
  4. Happiness without Contentment
  5. Advertising
  6. Debt and Destruction
  7. Wealth without Work
  8. Rise of the Economists
  9. Corporations in Abstract
  10. Economic Ethics
  11. The Herd
  12. Philanthropy without Charity
  13. Tax Nationalism
  14. War without Warriors
  15. Entrepreneurs
  16. Employment
  17. Traders
  18. Usefulness
  19. Outsiders
  20. The Corporation as Theatre
  21. Charities without Charity
  22. The White Man’s Economic Burden