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I am now making my eleven non-fiction books examining the West today and where we are headed (if current trends continue) exclusively available from Amazon. My five novels have only ever been available from Amazon.

Those five novels are:
The King of a Vacant City
Swansong of a Childless People
A Young Man’s Tale
The Insubordinate
Mahmood and Mrs Wynworth

All my sixteen books are available as electronic books (e-books) and as paperback books. They may be found at

Readers do not require a Kindle device to read electronic books bought from Amazon. Software to read them on other devices is available for free from Amazon.

The paperback editions of the non-fiction books range from to 187 to 203 pages long. The paperback editions of the novels range from 183 to 267 pages long.

On the accompanying pages of this website are the back-cover introductions and first chapters of each of my sixteen books. In respect of the eleven non-fiction books, I also list the chapter titles.

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I’m dusting off some novels I wrote some years ago, revising them, and submitting them for publication. They share the themes of my non-fiction writing, but with fictitious characters in fictitious circumstances.

The first of these to be published is The King of a Vacant City. It’s the novel equivalent to, in particular, Western Individualism.

The novel is available as either an electronic book or a paperback. At this time, it is exclusively available through Amazon.

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Individualism, Identity, Nationalism, and Cultures

My eleven non-fiction books examining the West today fall into 4 groups.

Western Individualism
The End of Natural Selection
The Need for Nations

People’s Identity
Of Whom We’re Born
Biological Us

A Land to Belong
The Failure of Multiculturalism

Reclaiming Western Cultures
Christendom Lost
Aiding Islam

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Trump, Book Publishing

Donald Trump won the American presidential election without winning the popular vote, but with a record majority of white votes. Among the violent protests by those insisting he wasn’t their president were several Mexican and other foreign flags. American globalists sided with other races’ nationalists.

My books are now available as electronic books (e-books) and as paperback books from Amazon, at

On the accompanying pages are the books’ back-cover introductions, lists of chapter titles, and first chapters. The paperback editions are about 190 pages long.

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European peoples, whether in Europe, the Americas, Australasia, or elsewhere, are unique among the races on earth and unprecedented in human history. We’re freely giving up our countries, cultures, and races as no others imagine.

Fighting back, a small majority in Britain voted in June 2016 to leave the European Union. Promising to restore American borders and defend her national interests, Donald Trump won the Republican Party nomination for president. The primary division in the West is no longer between left and right, liberal and conservative. It’s between nationalism and globalism.

Western individualism has become globalism, catering to the self-righteous and self-absorbed. It’s ideology, unconcerned about reality and the harm people suffer.

Outside the West, the world remains nationalistic. Nationalism is togetherness, community, and morality, caring for a person’s people and country. The nation state is in people’s individual and collective interests, on social, economic, and cultural grounds.

Examining how we came to this point and where we‘re headed, Western individualism, nationalism, and globalism are the subjects of eleven non-fiction books I’ve written. I draw upon history, current events, and people’s personal experiences.

I, the author, am present on Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter. Please feel free to engage with me at the foot of this page or wherever else you feel comfortable.

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