European peoples, whether in Europe, the Americas, Australasia, or elsewhere, are unique among the races on earth and unprecedented in human history. We’re freely giving up our countries, cultures, and races as no others imagine.

Fighting back, a small majority in Britain voted in June 2016 to leave the European Union. Promising to restore American borders and defend her national interests, Donald Trump won the Republican Party nomination for president. The primary division in the West is no longer between left and right, liberal and conservative. It’s between nationalism and globalism.

Western individualism has become globalism, catering to the self-righteous and self-absorbed. It’s ideology, unconcerned about reality and the harm people suffer.

Outside the West, the world remains nationalistic. Nationalism is togetherness, community, and morality, caring for a person’s people and country. The nation state is in people’s individual and collective interests, on social, economic, and cultural grounds.

Examining how we came to this point and where we‘re headed, Western individualism, nationalism, and globalism are the subjects of eleven non-fiction books I’ve written. I draw upon history, current events, and people’s personal experiences.

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