At the NSW local government elections on Saturday 4 December 2021 and through the two weeks of pre-polling beforehand, the NSW Electoral Commission is prohibiting the handing out of materials to voters within a hundred metres of a polling booth, because of the pandemic. There should thus be no handing out of how-to-vote cards at polling booths.

As a result, for the Gordon Ward election I am distributing in printed form an A5 flyer that seeks to serve the same function as a how-to-vote card. Voters may take the flyers with them from home to their polling booths.

Available for download below is my A5 flyer.


The text of my flyer follows. It is an abridged form of the information in my brochure, which I am not printing.

Vote [1]

Simon Lennon

Group B

Gordon Ward

Ku-ring-gai Council elections Saturday 4 December 2021

Voting is compulsory.

There will be no how-to-vote cards given out at polling booths.


0480 352 637


I will be accessible, listening to you and your views. I will put residents in control.

Lennons are still working to preserve Ku-ring-gai


About Simon Lennon

Married to Alicia since 1994, 6 children

Resident of Gordon since 1997

BSc (Syd), LLB (Syd), MCom (NSW), MBA (Macq), FGIA, FCG

Corporate lawyer (retired June 2021), company secretary, consultant, writer

President, Killara branch of the Liberal Party, since 2001

Neighbourhood Watch volunteer since 2001, media since May 2021

2nd Gordon Scouts, trustee 2006-2010, leader 2010-2012

Gordon Community Preschool, board member, 2009

Killara High School, parent representative, new hiring selection panel, since 2013

St John’s Anglican Church, Gordon, Anniversary Fete committee 2007-2012

Sir Garfield Barwick Address Foundation, trustee, since 2016

Son of Richard Lennon, Ku-ring-gai alderman 1974-1991, mayor for 7 years


Simon Lennon’s running mate is Phil Hext, a friend since our MBA studies

Grew up in Killara, resident of West Killara since 1999

Married to Robyn, 3 children attended Beaumont Road Public School



Preferential voting is optional. Groups A and B are swapping preferences.

Please vote [1] Group B and [2] Group A



We want Ku-ring-gai Council to:

  • preserve Gordon Bowling Club and other recreational land in public use
  • keep Gordon Golf Course in public use beyond the current agreement
  • continue working to revive Marian Street Theatre, Killara
  • prefer Ku-ring-gai residents in new staff hiring, all else being equal
  • prefer Ku-ring-gai suppliers, all else being equal
  • prefer Australian-made supplies, all else being equal


Curbing Development

We want Ku-ring-gai Council to:

  • preserve the character of Ku-ring-gai homes, streets, and spaces
  • minimise new building heights, ideally to a maximum of 4 storeys
  • strive to minimise the requirements for high density housing that state governments impose, without exceeding them
  • separate its interests as property owner from decisions as regulator
  • not cater to developer demands at residents’ expense
  • provide clarity, certainty, and openness in planning and tender requirements
  • consider measures for beauty and architectural style


We oppose:

  • rezoning public recreational land to residential use, because people need ground nearby, children need places to play
  • sales of public land or other assets to fund ordinary council operations
  • demolishing council-owned homes on Dumaresq Street, Gordon except for a park
  • council acting as property developer or taking development risk
  • the race to the sky in developments across Sydney, because squeezing more and more people into a city ruins the city for everyone
  • forced amalgamation of Ku-ring-gai with any other local government area


The Culture of Council

  • If elected, Simon Lennon will reach out to every councillor across Ku-ring-gai, seeking good relationships across council.
  • Council ought to be the Council of the Ten: all 10 ward councillors including the mayor acting as a collegial body of municipal leaders.
  • Senior council staff should brief community groups on significant proposals.
  • Policies, not personalities, matter.


This flyer is extracted from a brochure available at


Authorised by Simon Lennon, 26 Taylor Street, Gordon NSW 2072

Printed by Snap, Shop 1 / 3 Fitzsimons Lane, Gordon NSW 2072


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