2021 Candidate information sheet

My candidate information sheet from the NSW local government elections on 4 December 2021 is below. Section 2 reads as follows:

Qualifications: BSc, LLB, MCom, MBA, FGIA, FCG

Employment: Lawyer (retired), Consultant

Membership of Organisations: Governance Institute of Aust.

Other information:

Learning from my father on Ku-ring-gai Council from 1974 to 1991, councillors should be a Council of the Ten, engaging with community groups and civic leaders. Council should prioritise Ku-ring-gai residents in new staff hiring.

Council should keep Gordon Bowling Club and other public recreational land in public use. No council should sell assets to fund operating costs.

Preserving our quality of life from the weight of tower blocks, Sydney and other cities should cap building heights low. Ideally that is four storeys, and at most seven storeys.

Possessing our cultural heritage, fine old homes enrich us all. So again will the Marian Street Theatre.

My wife Alicia and I have lived in Gordon since 1997, raising our six children.


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