Simon Lennon has lived, worked, and travelled throughout America, Europe, Australasia, Asia, and the South Pacific, seeing how similar European peoples are to each other (wherever we live) and how different we of the West are to everyone else. He has university bachelor’s degrees in science and law and university master’s degrees in commerce and business. He is married with six children.

He is the author of two collections of short stories.

Gender in America
Discovering Race

He is the author of five novels.

The King of a Vacant City
Swansong of a Childless People
A Young Man’s Tale
The Insubordinate
Mahmood and Mrs Wynworth

He is also the author of sixteen non-fiction books examining the West today.

The Individualism of Donald Trump

The Unnatural West
The Tribeless West
The Homeless West
The Vanishing West

Western Individualism
The End of Natural Selection
The Need for Nations

People’s Identity
Of Whom We’re Born
Biological Us

A Land to Belong
The Failure of Multiculturalism

Reclaiming Western Cultures
Christendom Lost
Aiding Islam