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My wife Alicia and I have lived in Gordon since 1997, raising our six children.

My father sat on Ku-ring-gai Council from 1974 to 1991, protecting Ku-ring-gai from over-development, preserving Eryldene in Gordon. Our fine old homes enrich us all.

At Gordon Community Preschool, I was a board member in 2009. Our children went on to Gordon East Public School. At Killara High School, I have been a parents’ representative on staff selection panels since 2013.

We have attended St John’s Anglican Church, Gordon since 2004, also enjoying services at St Martin’s, Killara. At 2nd Gordon Scouts, I was a leader from 2010 to 2012.

I was Area Co-ordinator for East Gordon Neighbourhood Watch from 1999 to 2001 and remained a volunteer thereafter. Since May 2021, I have written articles about Neighbourhood Watch for the HK Post newspaper and Sydney Observer magazine.

If I am elected to council, I will invite each other councillor and his or her family to my family home, trying to build a Council of the Ten.

I believe council should favour Ku-ring-gai residents in new staff hiring and prefer local suppliers and Australian-made product. I believe cities should cap building heights ideally at four storeys, and at most seven storeys.

I want council to keep the Gordon Bowling Club and other recreational land in public use. I want again to attend theatre at Marian Street.

Retired from the law this year, I have university degrees in science, law, commerce, and business. I am a fellow of the Australian and international governance institutes.

A philosophy course in my MBA led me to write non-fiction books examining the West. I also wrote novels and collections of short stories.

I am on Facebook and Linked In.

Thank you

Simon Lennon, Group B, Gordon Ward

4 Responses to About Simon

  1. Michael Mathias says:

    Congratulations Simon, I meet your daughter on election after I voted for you and it confirmed I has made a good decision. As a quadriplegic in a power wheelchair I hope you can advocate for better access through our great LGA especially the shopping centres. There many shops at Gordon and Gordon West I can not enter because of one simple step.

    Thanks Michael

    • Simon says:

      Thank you, Michael, We should communicate on this through simonrlennon@gmail.com and perhaps arrange a meeting or telephone call to look at specific spots. It would be an issue for you and I assume many others, as well perhaps as easing access for elderly people and parents with prams.

  2. Ravi Underwood says:

    I supported you when you ran about 15 years ago. Im do glad you were successful this time even if I was not in Gordon ward to vote for you. Congratulations and good to see another Lennon back in Kuringgai council.

  3. Simon says:

    You did support me, Ravi, I recall. Thank you for your kind words. I recently passed your old family home in East Killara and thought of your family. I hope your family are all well.

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