Preserve Ku-ring-gai

From Tuesday 2 November 2021 to Sunday 5 December 2021, this website will be named Preserve Ku-ring-gai: Putting residents in control. During this period, I will add material related to the Gordon Ward election for Ku-ring-gai Council on Saturday 4 December 2021 to the first pages of this website.

This website is normally dedicated to my fiction and non-fiction writing, as described in my posts below. Through this period, the pages related to my writing will follow the pages related to the Gordon Ward election. My fiction writing begins with the page The King of a Vacant City.

My non-fiction writing, beginning with the page The Unnatural West, advocates us reviving our sense of connectedness and thus community and cultural heritage. Fine old homes, theatre, and other culture enrich us all.

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2 Responses to Preserve Ku-ring-gai

  1. R A Chappel says:

    Could I please have your views on the future of the Gordon Golf Course.

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