My collection ‘The West’ (15 non-fiction books)

My collection of fifteen non-fiction books The West began late in 2006 as an examination of business ethics and other corporate culture, with a thought of earning a Doctorate of Business Administration from Macquarie University. It picked up on the philosophical considerations the subject of the course Foundations of Management Thought, during my studies in 1993 for a Master of Business Administration degree at the same university. Ideas began gestating in my mind early in 2004.

            One point made in that course was that businesses reflect the countries outside. Thus seeking to understand business culture became seeking to understand culture outside. Seeking to understand Western business and how we came to the point at which we are in 2021 is seeking to understand the West and how we came to be where we are in 2021. Changing one changed the other. Saving one saves the other.

            Writing let my thoughts progress. The more I thought, the more I wrote. The more I wrote, the deeper my thoughts.

            The first three of my original eleven books, beginning Western Individualism, were essentially the successors to what I initially envisaged being a thesis about Western business ethics based upon my experiences and observations. The remaining eight books of that eleven were essentially appendices to the first three, examining the West outside and organised into three more series of books: identity, nationalism, and cultures.

            The ensuing four overview books summarised each of the four series: the preceding eleven books. They collated the ideas without the facts behind them, along with more ideas to which they led.

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