2 Short Story Collections, 5 Novels, 16 Non-Fiction Books

The Individualism of Donald Trump, published in 2021, is my first non-fiction book not part of my collection: The West. Nevertheless, it is essentially a case study of the uniquely Western trait unfolding since World War II so central to that collection and to our decline and fall: Western individualism.

With the fifteen books in that collection, I have thus published sixteen non-fiction books in all, along with two collections of short stories and five novels, since I began writing the first of those novels in 2001. The twenty-three books are listed on the Author page of this website.

All the books are available as paperback books and as electronic books (e-books) from all the Amazon sites, including Amazon Australia. Links to the Amazon pages, including free previews, appear on the pages of this website for each book.

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