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I am now making my eleven non-fiction books examining the West today and where we are headed (if current trends continue) exclusively available from Amazon. My five novels have only ever been available from Amazon.

Those five novels are:
The King of a Vacant City
Swansong of a Childless People
A Young Man’s Tale
The Insubordinate
Mahmood and Mrs Wynworth

All my sixteen books are available as electronic books (e-books) and as paperback books. They may be found at

Readers do not require a Kindle device to read electronic books bought from Amazon. Software to read them on other devices is available for free from Amazon.

The paperback editions of the non-fiction books range from to 187 to 203 pages long. The paperback editions of the novels range from 183 to 267 pages long.

On the accompanying pages of this website are the back-cover introductions and first chapters of each of my sixteen books. In respect of the eleven non-fiction books, I also list the chapter titles.

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